Wednesday, January 8, 2014

change in my life/ new goal

So I have made up my mind. I am going to work my butt off and save up enough money to go see my little girl this summer. I feel bad that we don't get to be there this year but seeing them over the summer I think works out best for everyone. Being a school bus driver I have summers off and my little girls mom is a teacher so so does she. The down side to this is I think I need to get another job to make sure I can save up the money in time. Also that means no fair for me this summer (upside to that I won't eat all that fair food) but that's ok, all I did is waste my money there any ways. So I guess wish me luck cause I'm going to need it. I might end up working 7 days a week and be dead tired but it will all be worth it if we get to see my little girl and her parents this year. Rhylin needs to spend time getting to know his sissy that he can identify in pictures now. I love that he knows who his sissy is and that he can't wait to see her as well.

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